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Our Mission Statement

To conserve and progress our Haitian identity through fellowship, unity, strength, growth and a platform for the Haitian Diaspora.

Our Vision Statement

To provide leadership, encouragement, and networking through our annual convention, and other regional activities.

Our Goals

The goals of the NHC is to:

• To promote spiritual growth among the laity and clergy within the Haitian community.

• To provide encouragement, support, and resources that will build the self-esteem and self-worth of all who attend NHC.

• To promote fellowship through worship, banquet, and other social activities.

• To promote and provide godly character as a way of life for laity who are entering into the ministry.

• To provide a platform for training and resources to laity and leadership at NHC Convention.

• To provide resources and information that will better inform communities within the Haitian Community of the benefits and opportunities within the Church of God.

• To promote a spirit of friendship and fellowship towards Non-Church of God churches who are considering membership with the movement.

• To promote activities to keep our Haitian culture and identity.

• To promote system adaptation to the Government of the Church of God.

• To do social community work.

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